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I am a big believer in open source software platforms like WordPress and Joomla. They allow me to build complex websites almost entirely on my own. Features and functionality that would take a team weeks or months to develop can be added in a matter of hours or days. I rely on proven professional level components like Gravity Forms and the LearnDash Learning Management System that provide regular updates and technical support.

Check out the three projects below to see how I’ve helped others using these platforms. 


ECHO is a learning platform designed to teach Nurses, Physician Assistants, Social Workers and Psychologists that council adolescents who are going through cancer about their reproductive issues and options.

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Sunsafety Ink!

Sunsafety Ink is an intervention designed to educate tattoo artists about sun safety. Getting a tattoo is very teachable moment for sun safety awareness and targets younger people who are at higher risk.

Navtec Expeditions

A ecommerce website that I designed and have been running for several years. I took most of the photographs and created the video used on the website.


ECHO (Enriching Communication Skills for Health Professionals in Oncofertility). The ECHO project is the most mature and feature rich version of my learning platform. Lectures and other content is tailored to the students’ identified profession (Nurse, Physician Assistant, Social Worker, or Psychologist).

The platform includes a customized training dashboard that keeps the student informed about their progress and allows them to easily return to the point in the training where they last left off. A custom built component was developed that displays a students’ pre and post test results combined with customized feedback for each response.

The platform handles all aspects of the course from the initial application to participate, to issuing a custom CEU certificate upon completion. Extensive data for each student is collected allowing for detailed analysis of the program across all four professional groups. 

Site administrators have access to a dashboard that provides real time reporting of the recent activity. Full documentation of all operations site administrators can perform is available from the administrator dashboard.



Sun Safety Ink!

Getting a tattoo presents a teachable moment for sun safety awareness. Sun Safety Ink! is research project designed to educate tattoo artists about sun safety. The study is designed to determine if younger populations, who are at higher risk of excessive UV exposure, can be become more sun safe based on information they learn from their tattoo artist. 

The website and training needed to be very visual and appeal to artists. It also had to work exceptionally well on mobile devices. The training component is a 30 minute highly animated presentation that concludes with an interactive activity. I adapted the learning platform technology used for the ECHO project and was able to save the client considerable time and money developing the website components for the study.



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